Feb 5 2013

Sketch VS Photoshop

It’s been more than 3 months that I made the switch to Sketch after more than 12 years of Photoshop. I want to take some time to give the reasons why it has improved my design flow. It not only made me a more precise designer but it greatly improved my efficiency by focusing on the functional parts and less on the fluffiness. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter.

100% Vector

With the growing popularity of retina displays and mobile devices, I feel like redesigning your app for the sake of adapting to 1x, 1.5x (Android) and 2x doesn’t make much sense and is a huge time waster. That’s why you need a flexible design tool. Sketch supports infinite zooming, 2x export and styled vector shapes that are perfect for multiple resolutions. Layout-wise, resizing rounded rectangles no longer requires you to edit the shape points or duplicating the middle portion. You will only care about pixel dimensions and updating images on the fly will be a breeze on Sketch.

Robust Export Feature


Photoshop is very bad at exporting assets. The slicing tool there is cumbersome, e.g. that usually means slicing, setting file types and use Save for Web, which forces you to select slices one by one and export. It is so bad that a beautiful application called Slicy had to be created to solve that decade-long problem.

Sketch solves that without a single add-on. For one, it has an Export All feature. Secondly, since it’s vector-based, it can export in PDF, JPG and PNG, optionally in 2x. Last but not least, the UI for managing your slices is efficient.

Code-friendly Designs

This might be a new concept for many designers, but what it essentially means is that all the properties that you use on your designs (shadows, border, gradients) are all possible on CSS. Why is that important? Well, you don’t want to drive the front-end guys crazy. That could mean you. On Photoshop, you can go absolutely crazy on the lighting directions, textures and drop-shadows that really don’t translate very well to CSS or Mobile. Styles like Bevel & Emboss, Satin, Angles won’t work seamlessly on CSS unless you’re ready to use many images. Remember, Photoshop is a tool originally made for photo editing and complex graphic designs. Sketch cuts all of that and really focus on user interface design. And even though Sketch is simpler, it actually has deeper features such as unlimited shadows, inner shadows, borders and border properties. Photoshop forces you to use Drop Shadow, Inner shadow, Gradient, etc once.


This took me about 15 mins to plan the design that’s going to be coded in CSS. There is zero image involved.

Design With Numbers


Sketch made me obsess over the numbers. And that’s a good thing. Having guidelines and making sure that the dimensions, ratios, positioning make sense is a crucial part of being a good designer. Don’t just drag things around and apply filters, then call it a day. Be obsessive with the numbers.

3 Applications In One

Previously, I used 3 tools for 3 different needs: Omnigraffle for wireframing, Photoshop for user interface design and Illustrator for vector, logos and print. All those 3 can be fulfilled in a less cluttered way on Sketch. Using one application for all means less back and forth and less worrying about translating your design into a new form. Before, what was used on Omnigraffle or Illustrator couldn’t necessarily be used on Photoshop easily. A complicated flow of exporting/importing had to be done and more often than not, you had to start from scratch on Photoshop.



Nowadays, designers have to care about grids. The 960 grid is probably the most commonly used for Web and new grids are emerging for mobile. Sketch actually has a grid system that allows you to customize as you see fit and it’s extremely useful for respecting design standards for multiple devices.

Give It a Try!

Photoshop has a big legacy and I can sense the unwillingness to make a switch and say goodbye to years of building libraries. But if you can overcome that, not only will you improve your overall design process, but you will be ready for the future as all your new designs will be completely vector-based, flexible and resolution-independent. You will design faster.

The good news is that Sketch is very similar to Photoshop and has more or less the same features that you are familiar with including keyboard shortcuts, layer blending, styles, blur, noise, patterns, etc, except it won’t have all the filters and photo editing capabilities that you probably don’t need as a user interface designer. It’s not a watered down Photoshop, it’s a robust design tool that has completely adapted to today’s design standards. And it’s constantly updating itself every couple of months. The team behind Sketch is very open to feedback — I’ve had the pleasure to post 2 comments on their board and they quickly fixed my issues within the next month.

At the very least, I suggest that you at least give it a try. It’s totally free to try and it costs 49 bucks if you like it. It’s a steal!


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  1. Rich Holt says:

    Superb review Meng. Experience the very same workflow issues and Sketch sounds like the answer to them!
    Will be giving it go :) actually quite excited to!

  2. John says:

    Out of interest have you ever tried Fireworks?

    Although it doesn’t support retina because Adobe have neglected it, it is pretty similar to sketch and a great web design app. It supports PSDs too on the plus side.

  3. Jordan Robinson says:

    Sketch reminds me of some of the features in Fireworks as well. I have downloaded the trial of Sketch and have been using it for a bit. I can totally see Adobe pushing Fireworks to compete as things progress.

  4. Pascal says:

    Well, it’s a vector program. So you should compare it to Illustrator, not Photoshop. Besides, Photoshop has vector-layers too, and you can get a free grid plugin at guideguide.me.
    But I don’t mean to bash Sketch. It does look like a useful tool for web developers. Only for Mac though :(

  5. @JulianMaunder I’ve been playing with sketch it’s quite compelling this article sums it up pretty good. http://t.co/ozUmNCNQ

  6. Sketch VS Photoshop Which one to use? #photoshop #sketch @MengTo: http://t.co/ou43dvnt

  7. @fatleaf says:

    I started using @sketchapp about a year ago for creating UI elements, now Photoshop just feels like the wrong tool. http://t.co/wKflyOJs

  8. @chrisgillis says:

    Sketch vs Photoshop http://t.co/P5jPZimo someone is trying to tell me something.

  9. Eric says:

    Played around with it a little. It looks promising and a nice alternative to Photoshop but nothing beats the intuitiveness and ease of use as Fireworks. Fireworks is the easiest vector editing software to use in my opinion. I like Sketch but the UI seems to function something like Photoshop although far less complicated. I wish Adobe would give fireworks some more TLC because its hands down the most intuitive vector software on the market.

  10. @mrtxarly says:

    Sketch VS Photoshop by @MengTo: http://t.co/E2pU1E83

  11. Matthew says:

    What about sending files off for development? Every developer is used to working with Photoshop files and exporting/slicing from there. I’m anxious to give Sketch a try for some personal projects, but I don’t think it would go over too well at the office once I was ready to hand the design off for coding.

  12. @jpperrin says:

    Sketch VS Photoshop by @MengTo: http://t.co/ILly00Mz

  13. Matt says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m saying goodbye to photoshop and hello to sketch.

  14. @MengTo says:

    It’s crazy, more than 2500 people visited my blog since yesterday! http://t.co/P3tZUXeD — I’m writing a follow-up blog about Fireworks.

  15. You made me curious. I’ll definitely try this out but let’s face it: PS was, is and will be the best tool for UI designers.

    You’re kinda wrong with the lighting stuff. As a UI designer, you need to be ready to design all the way down to the pixel. Every detail is important in a design, no matter how many shadows and light you need to apply.

    If you need a simple design which you call “code friendly”, why even bother with software when you can just sketch it on a paper?

    Anyway, this Sketch thing is really interesting because of being vector based.

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  17. jason says:

    Nice post. I’m a big fan of @sketchapp as well.

    I’m curious about your thought on the overal performance of Sketch. I’ve noticed some performance issues that have kept me from moving more of my work load to Sketch.

  18. Kenny Landes says:

    Thank you for two nice articles. I read your Fireworks article, too. I share the opinion that these bloated Adobe products are way past their prime. It’s great to see Sketch getting more attention. I first got my hands on it a few months back when I started a new job, and it’s really the perfect tool for rapid design and development.

  19. Thanks for this article. I’m going to try Sketch now.

    I recently heard (from Andy Clarke) that Fireworks may reach an end of life before long.

    This rumor apparently started when Adobe announced that Fireworks will not (read ever…) get a UI retina update. http://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/blog/about/the_long_goodbye_to_fireworks

    P.S. Paul, your article on ALA The Web Aesthetic is rocking!

  20. Sorry about the P.S. in the previous comment … I thought for a sec I was on Paul’s site (I came from Paul’s tweet).

  21. theo says:

    I am a Front End Dev and I have been working with Fireworks for the past year and your workflow seems quite similar to mine.
    My designer can provide designs for a whole website in a single paged & layered file. Fireworks can generate the necessary css for complex things like gradients, text shadows, box shadows etc.
    Creating sprites is also far more easier than compared to photoshop. And that’s just the basics!
    All l I can say is that Fireworks is the program you should be comparing Sketch to, since they are both made for the web and not print (looking at you illustrator)

  22. Lewis Walsh says:

    I’ve had a little play with Sketch and as good as it is I doubt it will replace Photoshop and Illustrator. I can see it working well alongside them.

    And as long as OS X stalls at 12% market share it’ll never get the traction the Adobe apps have.

  23. I grabbed Sketch a few months back from the app store, opened it once and quickly closed it again. I didn’t have the time to learn a new tool then but last week, I opted to give it another go and found it extremely intuitive, fast and I love the vector based workflow.

    I’ve not used PS since and have been mocking up wireframes, creating a logo and doing some design work all in Sketch and it’s been a breeze.

    I’ve not got down the real nitty gritty of pixel perfect shadows, gradients and all that sort of thing, but I will be on that before long and to be honest? I can’t wait!

  24. Great review indeed! Sketch sounds like a cool app to try out, though trust me when I say that a combination of using PNGExpress & CSSHat gives Photoshop quite a few points back. PNGExrpess came out only recently but it completely changed the way I think of creating and exporting assets. CSSHat spews out great CSS/SCSS/SASS code from vector layers and text. There are tons of other small and free plugins and scripts that would actually improve drastically on your workflow. I don’t feel that we should be saying farewell to good old PS yet.

  25. Tyler says:

    Would love to try it, unfortunately it’s only for mac :(
    Wish their was a PC version.

  26. I’ve been using Photoshop for my designs for the longest time and have been closed off to any alternatives because I used to think ‘photoshop does it all, why use anything else’?’ This post has inspired me not only to look at Sketch, but to try out other, possibly better alternatives to PS. Have you ever heard of Adobe Edge Reflow? I’ve been hearing good stuff about that program as a HTML5/CSS3 editor.

    Kudos to you on a great article and to opening my Photoshop sealed eyes!


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  28. […] a technical note, with the attention being given to responsive rather than Photoshop, this is an interesting review of a vector (and yes, cheaper) alternative to Photoshop. A lot of commenters do point out that if only Adobe had paid more attention to Fireworks when they […]

  29. Rob Foxx says:

    I’ve been a Fireworks user for coming on for 15 years and I rarely venture into Photoshop for web design, but since the day Macromedia were absorbed by Adobe I knew the days of Fireworks were numbered. I’d love to try Sketch as an alternative and you essentially had me convinced when you mentioned the exporting, but I don’t develop on a Mac. So there my interest ends.

  30. Ivy Clark says:

    Great post! I recently transitioned to Sketch for my personal projects and have definitely seen the improvement to my workflow too.

    I thought my obsession with numbers before this was bad… it’s about to get obsessive compulsive, but it’s a good thing.

  31. Justin says:

    Caution: This is a longer one, but I had to list it as I didn’t find any statement mentioning these downsides.

    I’ve been trying Sketch for almost two weeks now, alongside with Photoshop. It’s been mentioned already and I totally agree: I guess you should rather compare Sketch with Fireworks, but I think I get what’s your intention – in fact, most Designers out there are using Photoshop for Screen Design, even if it feels kinda “wrong”.

    But away from that, here’s what I think about Sketch (for now):
    – It’s a lightweight – starts really fast and the files aren’t heavy as well
    – it’s vector-based
    – digging into it is kinda child’s play and it’s also way more funny. Feels a bit like “playing” compared to every Adobe App (but well, they mostly have a couple more features in fact)
    – it’s well arranged
    – keeping it short: I like the features you mentioned in your article and they make it a ease say: “I like Sketch!”

    But away from these features I had to struggle with a couple of issues and more:
    – you didn’t mention it at all, none of the comments contains it and I also didn’t find anything on their page: Vector-Import.
    Using Photoshop and Illustrator makes it so easy to import icons und such stuff. Drag the icon from Illustrator into PS and you’ll be asked which format you want it to be pasted. Great.
    Trying the same (in different ways) with sketch feels a bit like: “sketch, your’re kidding me, right?!”. Dragging an icon from Illustrator into Sketch inserts a Bitmap. Being precise, a “ghost Bitmap”. It’s just an empty “something” you can’t fill or do anything with, because it’s not there.
    So the only way I figured out to get vector graphics into Sketch is by importing them via the Sketch-dialog (insert > image). But imagine you have a set of icons (e.g.: Entypo) as .ai or .eps. Getting one icon out of the set would mean you have to copy it inside Illustrator, create a new file, paste it, save it as .eps and than import it into Sketch. Well, that’s not part of a nice workflow, that feels more like a crappy workaround for me.
    Do you have an easier way doing this? Any way I can just “drag&drop” such stuff into Sketch?

    The buggy stuff.

    Zooming in Sketch:
    I always use “alt + mousewheel” – works fine in almost every app.
    Sketch seems to be falling asleep while zooming.
    Whereas using “+” and “-” feels like Hulk is pushing the entire artboard away from the display….

    General crashing issues:
    During the last two weeks Sketch crashed for about 10 times. I don’t know why and I didn’t check the crash-log but there I couldn’t reproduce it and I had no clue why this happened. Sure, Photoshop does crashed as well, but not that often and mostly because there where something I comprehend – many Layers, many opened files, importing huge .eps-files or whatever…

    Other Bugs:
    Well, that’s hard to explain, as there where many not-reproducible bugs along the road.
    e.g: grouping some layers caused that every selected layer was kinda randomly positioned somewhere within the file. And even freakier: It couldn’t be revoked.
    Another thing: Selecting layers – not reproducible as well but happening here and there, kinda randomly as well. Sketch shows (or doesn’t even show) wrong borders of the selected layer.

    These are only a few issues I remember. There where many other that I don’t. But they exist. And making this short: It just feels buggy and I am always a bit scared of seeing Sketch crushing in the next moment.

    Away from all that I really like the basic approach of Sketch, but for me, there are too many reasons not to switch. Most of the major reasons are already mentioned in some former comments.

    I think I will use Sketch for some personal projects or smaller ones which I’ll code on my own so the dev doesn’t have to buy and dig into Sketch.
    But beyond that I don’t see Sketch as a real competitor (for now!) I am sure the are working hard on bug-fixing, new features and so on. Let’s see what’s next :)

    P.S.: if someone has tips on the issues and bugs I listed above: give’em to me, please ;)

  32. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    HOw it is better than other vector tools like InkScape?

  33. Jeff says:


  34. Ted says:

    Wow…read through a seemingly well-written article, get through nine or ten comments, *then* find out it’s only Mac? That *small* caveat didn’t merit a mention?


  35. Vivien says:

    Nice article, but I just give it a try and I’m really disappointed. This so-called software for those who like numbers is buggy about them.
    The grid give me a wrong column/guttier size (1080/18 is not equal to 62, sorry). And grouping shapes exactly superposed give me a 31 px width and it should be 30px.
    Don’t event want to try more.

  36. Zohaib says:

    i don’t think so that sketch got enough power to deal with the industry and its an app, photoshop is a complete software package backed by companies like adobe.

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  38. Sketch VS Photoshop by @MengTo: http://t.co/69YQeXbqW2

  39. @SlmacH Я с первого раза тоже не проникся. Прочитай вот это http://t.co/T1fO3KdasK Рисование, построенное на цифрах — реально удобо. И резка

  40. @ardaarican says:

    Sketch VS Photoshop by @MengTo: http://t.co/jZ5o5I6liB

  41. @tulsid says:

    @MengTo Thanks for your breakdown. I’m going to be trying out Sketch this week! http://t.co/Ez1WG3wsKJ

  42. @phelixlau says:

    Two great reads about why you should use Sketch (http://t.co/qhk3jfAN4r) for UI works. http://t.co/ZBkS3t0a79 http://t.co/l6SiFTcPs6

  43. How does Sketch deal with complexed charts like bar graphs or pie charts? Has anyone used it to create infographics?

    I really like Sketch because most of my work is digital and would like to switch to it but I am hesitant because a lot of my work involves complexed charts and graphs.

  44. @tollady says:

    Sketch VS Photoshop | Meng To|UI/UX Designer http://t.co/NVvsk0wMlC

  45. @barchin says:

    あとSketchも前からちょい気になってるので試してみたい。いろいろ便利そうだし Sketch VS Photoshop | Meng To – UI/UX Designer http://t.co/n9J7VphGVI

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  47. Thinking of setting Photoshop aside and giving Sketch a try… http://t.co/ssBuk4n26T

  48. @megdesign says:

    other design friends: do you like sketch? http://t.co/ABV7DO5FV9

  49. Aaliyah says:

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    and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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  50. Craig Paterson says:

    With the announcement yesterday from Adobe that Fireworks CS6 will be the last version, and that Creative Suite will no longer be available in its current format (subscription format Creative Cloud will be the only way forward), this makes moving to Sketch a much more viable way forward.

    I have my Sketch licence and will now be integrating it into my daily workflow. It may take a few minutes longer to achieve what I want, but I’m sure it won’t take long to master!

  51. Niklas Korz says:

    First off: I’m a programmer, no designer

    I’d like to know how Pixelmator 2.2’s (“Blueberry”) new shapes and vector mode compare to Sketch, since I like it’s UI more than Sketch’s.
    Could you by any chance write an article about that?

  52. @memoristic says:

    Webdesign with Photoshop sucks http://t.co/0lAR96zkNZ

  53. Giving Sketch a chance, might be a useful took. Sketch VS Photoshop by @MengTo: http://t.co/Qfxl4QtgZ9

  54. […] Sketch vs. Photoshop […]

  55. aristidesfl says:

    Anyone had problems with color mismatch when exporting png’s with sketch?

  56. @brloubrlou says:

    @leoguenoun Je t’avoue que j’ai pas approfondi mais cela me parait grave suffisant pour du web http://t.co/xPcwb1nQKP

  57. Albert Kinng says:

    I miss Aldus Freehand… Remember that app? It was a not so popular app that was giving Illustrator a headache. The same headache Pixelmator is giving Photoshop and the same headache Sketch is giving to illustrator now. Freehand was more easy to use, more accurate, more fun…

    Then Adobe buy it just to kill it and destroy it and burn it.

    Damn you Adobe!!!!!

    -Downloading Sketch now-

  58. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m
    assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?

    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% positive.
    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  60. Deekshith says:

    is it available for windows??

  61. Josh says:

    I was wondering how you liked setting type in Sketch? After spending a couple of hours with the tool I realized it’s a little underpowered for setting large amounts of type on a canvas. I use the Paragraph panel in PS quite a bit especially the “Add Space Before Paragraph” and “Add Space After Paragraph.” As these are crucial for spacing between headings and body text. This also allows me to set a lot of different styled text in one text box. It seems you can’t really set different text properties to different paragraphs and/or heading within the same text box in Sketch. How are you working around this?

    Thanks for the post!

  62. Gavin says:

    Thanks so much for your effort in evaluating Sketch. I’m coming from Fireworks and had tears in my eyes when I found out recently it had been discontinued, especially at the prospect of perhaps having to move over to Photoshop. Sketch is everything Fireworks should of been. Love it!

  63. […] Sketch VS Photoshop […]

  64. Daniel Escamilla says:

    Can you compare Sketch to Illustrator and FIreworks? That would be awesome. Probably too much to ask but it never hurts to ask.

  65. Giuseppe says:


    I’ve not yet tested Sketch. I’ll do soon! Most developers used to work with PS. Can I export my design in Sketch to a PS file?

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  67. Charlie Ralph says:

    Your review on this product compared to photoshop is null & void.

    Why an earth you’d drop photoshop (after 12 years) to learn this new piece of software, that a minority of designers use, therefore not being compatible when collaborating work with the 99.99% of users using Photoshop is beyond me.

    Your mention about exporting images is void, as Photoshop CC has an export feature, that works superbly with Adobe Edge that exports each layers into single file .png’s/.jpeg’s – which then update automatically when you change the layer in the original .psd file.

    I’m baffled and shocked how anyone thinks a $49 software can compare to the years of experience and knowledge that has gone into developing Photoshop.

    This tool comes with way too many presets, drag and dropping button styles, guiding users on how to create buttons and how big your drop shadows should and shouldn’t be? Designers shouldn’t need guidance from software at all. This rules out the point of being a good designer?

    Great piece of software for someone that doesn’t have a clue about design and wants to learn, as it does half of the designing for you.

    Amateur software used by amateurs designers. This product doesn’t belong in the professional industry.

  68. J. Blake Harris says:

    Charlie Ralph, what have they done with any of the CC products in the past 5 years to make them truly better? Has anything in the upgrades from CS3 to CC6 changed the way you work substantially? I was using Photoshop when it fit on a single floppy, and all I am seeing anymore is rearranged menu and keyboard shortcuts, and an even uglier splash screen.

    I toyed with Sketch when Adobe announced Creative Cloud, found some bugs I couldn’t live with, that have since been corrected. As of yesterday, Sketch replaced the Illustrator icon in my dock, not Photoshop.

    Illustrator CS6 was a horrible, horrible downgrade from CS5. What possessed them to put their own UI on top of the OS? It would make sense if they were going to do something worthwhile, but the Mac OS 7-style scroll bars? Really?

    In any case… show any Illustrator user the ease of adding multiple borders, with gradients, layer styles (multiply, etc.), Non-destructiive pathfinder… multiple pages, etc. It makes returning to Illustrator painful.

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  70. Michael says:

    I’ve been using Sketch on and off for 3 months. It has it’s growing pains – like all products do.

    There are more than a few features missing for me. Currently I’m annoyed there’s no option to add margins in the ‘grid settings’. Photoshop has Guide Guide which is perfect.

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  73. Theo says:

    Hello everyone. I’m software developer and recently i started developing in iOS. I found the comments on here very useful as I was about to buy Adobe products to help me with the UX/UI design and as many graphic designers use it.

    I was very surprised that PS are not able to store the elements design as vectors as I would expect it to been the leader in such tools. I guess it has it’s legacy problems that is hard to break away.

    I’m pretty sure that I am will buy Sketch rather than Adobe, I might have carry both in case a graphic designer does not have a mac or Sketch, but my preference would be Sketch. Someone also mentioned iDraw and I was looking at that. As for some UX/UI designs I’m also using Paintcode. As a note I’m also using Visual Paradigm that has wireframe for most devices. As why Visual paradigm, it uses UML and from that I’m able to generate Objective Code for the UML models.

    I hope I have not offended anyone, I’m not a graphic designer but a developer.

  74. […] 自从一年前的关于sKetch的文章之后,sKetch陆续发布了Mirror,Bacground Blue,并且对Artboards,和SVG的支持和速度做了改善。所有的这些大大的方便了我们为未来设计——一句话尽可能少的设计,并且将UI设计放在了首位。这也就让我们专注于响应式的设计而不是照片的编辑,关注于交互和动画而不是人造的材质。sKetch让我们以速度设计,也就留出时间关注设计的其他部分。 […]

  75. Luis Marques says:

    Im using sketch almost for 1 year after worked on photoshop for 18years.
    I don’t have any words to so say how happy i am everytime i work on it.
    It have small glitches like every software have but once u test it u will never come back.

  76. Christopher says:

    My coder is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP.
    I have always disliked the idea because of the costs.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a number of websites for about a year and am
    nervous about switching to another platform. I have heard very good things about blogengine.net.
    Is there a way I can import all my wordpress content into it?
    Any kind of help would be really appreciated!

  77. […] There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the vector design tool known as Sketch, which is made exclusively for Mac and leverages Apple frameworks and hardware.  It’s a lean and focused product, while Photoshop is a behemoth with tons of legacy code and feature bloat.  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve been using Photoshop since the early 90′s – I’m comfortable with it and it’s a powerful tool who’s depths I will probably never fully realize.  But, Sketch is pretty intriguing…even Teehan Lax has started shifting towards it.  So if you’re not too keen on paying a monthly fee forever more in order to use Photoshop, at $50 Sketch is a steal…and definitely worth checking out the free trial.  Here’s an article comparing Sketch 3 to Photoshop. […]

  78. BJ says:

    I’ve tried Sketch 2 and it was a bad workflow but I could see the potential of this fairly new App.

    The most troubling frustration was that input fields from Opacity can’t be controlled by pressing Shift + Arrow keys to increase or decrease by 10% in Sketch you had to type a fixed hard number or use the handle to drag the value to X number.
    That was a huge downfall for me because if you’re used to Adobe software this is very basic in the family.

    Lucky they fixed this in Sketch 3 so I’m happy to retry making Sketch my number one because everybody sees the potential of this App.

    – Working two days with Sketch right now and something that is bugging me is the Type section. You can only add type in .pt values. I have no idea how this works i’m used to pixels, em’s or percentages. as a Web Designer you have nothing to do with .pt I believe this is really something coming from the print industry because I’ve never seen anybody around me use .pt for font-size.

    It’s a pretty cool App right now but I have to say they picked the wrong name for the Job.

  79. […] To is a very outspoken Sketch user and writes about it a lot. https://medium.com/p/92608a88c103 Sketch VS Photoshop | Meng To – UI/UX Designer […]

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    Thinks I like:

    Color drop that works outside the app context
    Resizing everything (yeah vector) . I tend to change the grid and order a lot with every iteration.
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    Phone an iPad mirroring

    Just to much

    Thanks for motivating me to use this awesome product.

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    – Only a few keyboard shortcuts
    – Layering in right sidebar always fix to top when you select any element
    – Gradients with transparency over photos doesn’t work properly
    – It has a bad memory management and it freezes and refresh too much if you are working with big files like 10 artworks (I have a macbookPro i7 with 8ram Gb)
    – I don’t like it’s color management
    – Unfriendly with ai and psd files
    – It is nor supported for windows
    – Exporting for iOS requires @2x sufix
    – Zoom doesn’t work properly
    – I don’t like the layer+layer when you create a group

    Thinks I like of Sketch

    – Price
    – Easy artwork creation with predefined devices
    – Background blur
    – Define text and shape styles and save it for later
    – Gradients position (this is a great feature)
    – Additional gradients, strokes, etc.

    I don’t consider Sketch as a mature software yet. By now I still prefer Photoshop. Photoshop is full vector (It depends on the way you like to work with it)

    What do you think about that guys?


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    More an more freelancers come in with a background in Sketch than PhotoShop. Few Sketch freelancers seem to have a grasp on design basics however. It’s not enough to be a technical, relying on software to do the design because it has the basics built in is a dangerous road. I’m about 5° away from having my new hires work in pencil and beeswax for the first 3 months so they show design the respect for design they didn’t get in school.

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  104. […] are many things to love about Sketch, but one of it’s most loved features is that it comes with a scripting engine, made possible […]

  105. […] satisfied with the other options available to you, Sketch might be worth checking out (here’s an interesting comparison between Sketch and Photoshop). If you’re already a Sketch convert, take these tips to heart when designing your next mockup. […]

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    More so I found myself cursing at it LOL. Trying to use the select text tool to change text when it created more text. I found myself double, triple clicking to highlight all the text which didn’t work so I slowly had to select the text and make a change. Which in turn when I copied and pasted changed the seize of the text rather then the pasted text taking on the size of text already there. Time.

    I also found annoyance at only choice of 100% view or 50% etc. I like the ability to zoom it where I’m comfortable. In this day and age it’s important.

    I still like Sketch. I want to like it a lot more but found myself saying it’s still got growing pains.

    I personally love the art boards in sketch. BUT I NEED layer comps. So I can view vaxk and forth different arrangements for different artboards. That slows me down. I have to create another artboard to see which tweaks I prefer. That’s slow. Time to me on these things is important I work in a large company pushing us.

    I love export feature. I am loyal to no brand. I’ll use hats right. I am going to try it again today at work but being under the gun I have to switch back. I’m not hating on Sketch I want to love it! I’m just saying for me the above us important. Small repetitive things.

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  114. Jonas says:

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  127. mark says:

    The major drawback for me is the fact they ignore other OS and lock you into Mac. I use Linux but my job is as a developer so I don’t touch the design part of the flow much apart from my personal projects. Do you have any ideas for a good cross platform solution?

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    I started using Sketch a couple days ago and as I’ve been exporting and using the assets in Xcode, I’ve realized that in Sketch, my assets are very high resolution and stay that way no matter how much I zoom in. However, when I export the assets, they are much lower resolution for the same device. Can you please help me with this problem?

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