Jun 11 2013

iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat

The new iOS redesign is bold. It’s a radical shift toward a polar opposite direction from its felt, faux-leather, lifelike user interface aka Skeuomorphism. Now it’s completely bare and it’s shocking. Apple, known to execute confidently to the smallest details can no longer fulfill that promise. The icons are horrendous, the user interface lacks structure and everything feels unpolished. But it’s not all bad. Far from it.


As designers, we must not forget that we design for the people. We must gain empathy and ride on the arc of modern design. Currently, it means dramatically flattening our hard-earned visual style. Admittedly, many of us are victims of Complexity. This will certainly test our ability to adapt.

So far, the reactions I’ve seen at WWDC, MacRumors, Hacker News, John Gruber’s post have been overwhelmingly positive. Yes, designers will cry, but who can blame them? They’ve been thoroughly educated by the same company who aims to re-educate them. What we’ve known of Apple is no more. It’s a blank slate, lead by sir Jonathan Ive who is now leading both software and hardware design.

Visual Design

It’s very flat. Far more than I envisioned. For any designer that have been used to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines as well as OS X, this will come as a shock. The kind of shock that makes you question if you’re in the “cool” generation anymore. It’s uncharacteristic of Apple to be behind, following the footsteps of Google, Microsoft, and even Yahoo. Apps like Calendar and Mail will very much remind you of Google’s counterparts. Even the Weather App looks like Yahoo’s.


But it was bound to happen. Flat design relies strongly on typography and colors, and very little on gradients, shadows or textures to set itself apart. To understand why, one must zoom out a little and think how Google and Yahoo, or even Microsoft came up with such direction. Yes, it was because of Apple. The iPhone’s UI and good typography such as Helvetica Neue Light are practices professed by Apple since the dawn of the modern mobile design. So, instead of thinking how Apple is copying, you must instead look back at the history of influences. Everyone influence each other to collectively create what is truly modern for the new generation of users who are well-educated about technology and in turn unfamiliar with dated visual references such as a reel-to-reel tape, leather calendar or poker table.


Past the hit-or-miss visual appearances, iOS 7 has depth. In fact, it does a lot of things right. It has vitality. It’s truly modern with its 1 pixel lines, thin typography and white UI. Unlike Android’s Dark/Gray UI, Microsft’s Black and white UI, Apple uses white prominently and elegantly. It feels very clean and Zen.


Visual Structure and Inconsistencies

It’s now very hard to tell the difference between the header and the content. Both generally use the same colors and very subtle variants of gray/white. Buttons no longer look like buttons – they’re blue texts. Sometimes, you will see strong shadows that look out of place like on the ON/OFF toggles. Even weirder, there are paper textures on the Reminders app. iBooks still uses wood.


2013-06-10 23.24.56

Translucent UI

This is the best use of blurred backgrounds I’ve seen. It works really well on all backgrounds without compromising readability or playfulness. This design method can be quite generic as the colors are typically pre-selected. In iOS 7, it blurs the actual background even while you interact with it, bringing out the vibrant colors underneath. I’m actually debating if they’re using a Screen or Overlay blending mode.


Messages animates the blurred blue bubble underneath the keyboard, Controls Center adds a nice-looking white layer while Notifications adds a darker gray layer. It feels like an ultra-modern frosted glass layer. Sometimes, it evens feels like the credit card’s rainbow-colored anti-theft sticker. In a way, that’s modern Skeuomorphism, without the extra textures. The content is the hero.


The thin typography works. It borrows from the world of magazines. Generally, fonts are bigger, therefore more readable. Since buttons are now texts, they come in bigger sizes. Quite frankly, they’re very self-explanatory, while not overblown like in Windows 8 which can be sub-optimal for spacing.


Accessibility in iOS 7 now offers better support for larger fonts. Interestingly, when you speak to the older generations of users, you’ll notice that one of main questions they have is how to make fonts bigger. So, this is a welcome change. At the WWDC, Apple announced some exciting features like Autolayouts and better accessibility.

2013-06-11 11.48.33


Animations are my favorite part, starting with the zooming into each app – it feels intuitive because your eye can follow those movements naturally. As you open the bottom Control Center or swipe down the Notifications, you never loose context.


2013-06-11 02.59.08

2013-06-11 03.47.02


Solving Problems

I was in the room along with 6,000 developers watching the Keynote. There were a lot of excitement. At one point, one person even screamed “I love you”. That’s because fundamentally, iOS solves many problems elegantly:

2013-06-11 03.42.35

2013-06-11 03.42.56

2013-06-11 03.48.57


2013-06-11 00.22.01

2013-06-10 22.40.12


2013-06-11 02.58.38

The list goes on…

Final Thought

This is my personal experience as someone who attended the WWDC and who tested the iOS 7 beta for a day. I sincerely think that this design will grow on you. But that doesn’t mean Apple shouldn’t fix those ugly icons.

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160 responses to “iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat”

  1. I love the bubbles wallpaper, do you have it?

  2. @jm_denis says:

    Pretty much my point of view “@MengTo: iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat by @MengTo: http://t.co/g3tLjXizdM”

  3. Timur Carpeev says:

    I don’t see this as more simple UI. It has a lot of noise and eyefucking colors. There are obvious interaction problems, bad typography and translucent backgrounds make some icons unreadable. In my opinion apple showed empathy to their marketing team rather than users.

  4. Nathan says:

    Great overview, echoes many of my feelings. I think you are right about blending modes. I noticed that the 1px shadow below title bars uses a blending modes, not just opacity. Look at where it overlays a blue icon or something.

    The blur is really cool. I’d be interested to know what type of blur algorithm they are using, I don’t think it’s a simple Gaussian blur.

  5. iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat: The new iOS redesign is bold. It’s a radical shift toward a… http://t.co/LEdHTQw8R8

  6. Marius Budu says:

    For a company that has built its empire on design – this is absolutely inexcusable. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave as we speak.

  7. @Cliolab says:

    iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat http://t.co/SRZAUfLlZD (Via @mengto)

  8. Ryan says:

    you being one of my favorite designers, I was anxious to see your thoughts on iOS7…. and glad you agreed with me about those icons…fugly!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    actually, i like the icons… and the new design. I’ve read some really bad critics but i’m sure apple has thought about it. Haters gonna hate. But i really love the NEW design.

  10. I agree that there are some great interactions in the new design but the visual aesthetics need a lot of work (and those icons definitely need to be replaced!).

  11. Ken Denzel says:

    A detailed overview on iOS 7 is exactly what I needed. And I do hope they change the icons.

    Btw your blog’s interface is really intriguing, keep it up :)

  12. Chus says:

    “The thin typography works”

    Really? Well I’m not an expert typographer but Erik Spiekermann has some experience in the field and he thinks quite the opposite…


  13. I agree with you in general. However, there are some things lacking in the UX department.

    What Apple has done, is taken the things like “swipe to unlock” and “swipe to answer” and taken them as something everybody knows about. The problem is, that new users, don’t. They don’t have the iOS 6 experience where everything was still stipulated in the UI.

    Next to that, I agree about the icons. I think this is really swiss and all, creating a grid and sticking to it. Which has something to say for it, because you would expect the icons to be more consistant. But, they don’t. Unfortunately :(…

    Lastly, the on / off state of buttons, mainly in the music app are pretty unclear. When I tap “shuffle”, it changes to “shuffle all” and becomes bold. So what does it do? When is it on? (there are more such small things that do need looking at)

  14. Marcus Conge says:

    I really enjoyed the entire article Meng. I have to agree on the icons as well, but moreover the fact that this UI can’t be truly appreciated or comprehended until one is actually interacting with it directly. It’s a design that can’t be judged with care until you see it working and it really can’t be truly appreciated in a series of screenshots. Thank you for being mature and objective in your assessment.

  15. Nikhil says:

    Dear Meng To,
    Really awesome stocktaking on the current OS , it’s small no. of fallacies yet overtly overlooked functions. Yes, its a transitional period and I believe Apple will scrutinize each and ever complaint embedded within the Beta version religiously more than ever. I think when it releases a lot of the brownie points depends upon the functions the OS offers and that’s where I think they’ve scored. If they get the ugly iCons out of the way(Safari,Settings, et al) I believe you have a great recipe brewing here. It’s impo to remember Jony Ive got just 7 months to work on this and it looks 75% good. 25% will obviously depend on further transitions. Hope for the best.

  16. Mark Ott says:

    Speaking of one-hand usage, Google Maps recently included a really nice one-hand zoom gestrure: tap-tap-hold and then move your finger up or down to zoom in/out. It works very well.

    Any chance this gesture made it to Apple Maps in iOS 7?

  17. Max Schwartz says:

    Hey Meng,

    I love your work and I enjoyed your article. I think the responses have been mixed, but I, myself, am looking at this as a new beginning and I’m excited to see where it goes. For all of those people who are upset or critical, I think Louis C.K. says it best…”Give it a second.”


  18. When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  19. Huey Le says:

    I don’t think that the new lock screen is much easier for users.

    Firstly it’s not clear instruction whether users have to swipe to left or right to unlock it ( there is no visual indication except the Up ARROW icon which can be misunderstood as Swiping Up indication to unlock).

    Also on light background, it’s so hard to read the text due to white and thin typography. They could have just put some dimmed gradient background to bring out the text or perhaps using the Helvetica Neue MEDIUM instead.

    I just don’t understand why Apple would go this far. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Instead of they could have focused on enhancing what iOS 6 have been missing out on ( for example that Multi Tasking feature )

  20. 87AM says:

    […] Read more here. […]

  21. […] Writing from the perspective of a UI Designer, Meng To, shares his take on iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat. […]

  22. Alexey says:

    New design is a fucking crap. I will not use this crap and stop updating programs. And I don’t think my next phone will be iPhone
    Flat design is for idiots who can at maximum draw a blue rectangle with white OK in it and think it is design.
    I am afraid to think what they will do with Mac OS X

  23. Raju says:

    Gone through the blogs and read the articles about IOS7 is not good. what i feel is Apple is not innovative after Jobs, Simply they are coping the concepts from others. As a developer i hurt to write these words..

  24. […] a big topic of conversation at LookThink this week. Among the online community, the verdict is out. Some are offering praise for this transition to flat design but most seem to be disenchanted by this radical shift from Apple’s signature style and feel […]

  25. Benjamin C says:

    Thank you for the in-depth critique. It’s tiring to hear designers lambasting the new UI without seeing past the surface aesthetics. I think iOS 7 gets a lot of things right about flat design, like how it overcomes the loss of contrast (from drop shadows and elaborate borders) with depth and motion to delineate between elements in the design.

    Wrote a full post here: https://medium.com/p/e5c57acfb7d6

  26. AnAppleFan says:

    IOS 7 has nice functions but a poorly contrast, colors, icons and designs. I love IOS 6.

  27. […] iOS 7 and the Transition to Flat […]

  28. Tal Ben-Ari says:

    Just because, as you claim, Apple ‘influenced’ Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, doesn’t give Apple the excuse to use the concepts and functions already present in other OSs, especially Android. I don’t understand how you could justify the use of these features. Honestly, before I read that claim, I was in a “to each his own” mindset; now, I feel the need to make my point.

    The Control Center has been in Android since 4.1 with Quick Settings. iOS7’s multitasking looks eerily familiar. Scrolling folders? Been there, done that. And Samsung has been using that same lockscreen concept (slide to unlock from anywhere on the screen) for years (and yes, literally YEARS).

    ‘Looking pretty’ doesn’t justify the use of iOS7 at this point. You might as well get an OS that already has all of these features, and more.

  29. […] шрифтовые решения. Всё это отлично описано у Meng To. Это бета, но, судя по опыту прошлых лет, Apple не вносит […]

  30. Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

    Could you tell us more about why you think the iOS 7 App Store has a “much improved search”? I’m not sure I see it.

  31. […] iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat […]

  32. […] “Ahora es difícil encontrar la diferencia entre el header y el contenido. Ambos usan colores similares y una muy sutil variación de gris/blanco. Los botones ya no parecen botones – son textos azules. A veces verás sombras duras que parecen fuera de lugar en los interruptores de On/Off. Aún más raro, hay texturas de papel en la aplicación Recordatorios. iBooks aun usa madera”. Mengto “iOS7 and the transition to the flat” […]

  33. John Goshorn says:

    Thank you so much for the slide on the Dynamic Text. I was worried about the thin font being so unreadable that I’d be unable to use the phone.

    Now I know it will be unusable. I don’t want larger type; my eyes aren’t that bad.

  34. […] is flat. Really flat. But it’s not 2-Dimensional and there is depth to […]

  35. Michael Fleming says:

    ‘Flat’ UI design is just plain bad UI design. The use of low-contrast, grey on white/grey, unsaturated colors pretty much goes against every best practice for UI design ever written. It actually makes it more difficult for a user to discern one UI element from another – like driving in fog. This insipid trend that puts form over function also goes against every study that has ever been done on human visual perception and efficient HMI.

    It is far easier for a human being to discern color-saturated elements from other elements based upon large variations of hue in a high-contrast display than it is to make the same distinction based upon subtle non-chromatic variations in a low-contrast display. Forcing users to actually read grey text on light backgrounds or look for shapes in low-contrast displays in order to interact with the UI places a higher visual and cognitive strain on the user and increases task duration.

    Designing a UI is about function and making the user’s tasks easier and more efficient – not trying to make a computer screen look like a book or art project. When you abandon well-researched tenets of visual perception and best practices for UI design in favor of ‘flat UI’ you do a grave disservice to your user.

    ‘Flat UI’ is what we get when the Marketing department dictates to the Engineering department. Bad idea. Bad UI.

  36. Cool post. I like the way in which the design is evolving – the 2009’s gradients for example were just killing me. Didn’t think much about skeumorphism until now, so thanks for that :)

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  38. Designing aspect of iOS 7 is really awesome. They are developing really user friendly environment.

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  40. […] is flat. Really flat. But it’s not 2-Dimensional and there is depth to […]

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    best e-juice iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat | Meng To – UI/UX Designer

  42. […] Ios 7 and the transition to flat | meng to – ui/ux designer […]

  43. […] iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat | Meng To – UI/UX Designer […]

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