Mar 19 2013

How To Wireframe An iPhone App In Sketch

Working on a large project often requires you to design wireframes to communicate complex ideas before spending countless hours polishing. There are many tools for wireframing ranging from the simplistic Balsamiq to the highly collaborative Axure, which costs a fortune. Personally, I use Sketch, a powerful vector-based design tool. With features like Artboard, Linked Styles and Export Slices to PDF, Sketch is the perfect wireframing tool for designers obsessed with pixel perfection.

Download The iPhone Wireframe UI Kit

Wireframe iOS Dark Blue

Wireframe iOS Blueprint

Wireframe iOS Beige

Focus on User Experience

Wireframes should be as bare as possible. That is because you want your client to judge the user experience rather than the look. Using real dimensions and grids can be good, do it only if you have confidence. Knowing realistically how much content can fit in a single screen can make or break a concept. From my experience, within the constraint of time, the closer you can get to the real product the better. That is because being in front of a high-fidelity mockup can largely influence important product decisions such as navigation complexity, content fit, usability, overall value, etc. I try to look at all my designs from my phone’s screen simply because the experience can be dramatically different from looking at mockups in low resolution from a computer screen.

In this .sketch file that I provided, you will get all the iOS essential elements in the exact dimensions that respect the iOS guidelines.


The most efficient wireframes I’ve seen use subtle tones of gray or blue. Ideally, the shades should be neutral and consistent so that you can focus on the structure and not be distracted by strong colors. Since colors can be hard to master, use real colors at your own risk.

In Sketch, the linked styles feature is convenient for wireframing. I placed 4 colors on the palette from dark to white to structure design. By changing them, the whole wireframe will be updated.


If you respect the color structure, changing to the hues that suit your taste will be effortless.


Since user interface design can often make use of icons, don’t be shy to pick standard icons to represent key actions. It can help make the decisions of either going text only, icon only or text with icon. By now, you should have gathered a nice collection of icon sets that will help you brush through this process with ease. If you’re a long time Photoshop users looking to learn how to get started in Sketch with a good library of icons, I recommend reading my previous article Photoshop Users: How To Switch To Sketch

Real Dimensions

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines is a good read for any mobile designer. While designing, you should have a good notion of the optimal dimensions for your buttons (22 pt minimum, 44 pt optimal), readable text (24 pt minimum, 30 pt optimal), header (44 pt) and footer (49 pt). Thankfully, on the wireframe document, you will have access to all the assets tailored to the correct sizes.


Deciding on the font can be part of the wireframing process. On iOS, Helvetica Neue is the font of choice and is readily available by default on the Mac (if you’d like more history about that font, I strongly suggest watching the documentary called “Helvetica”).

On Android, I would suggest Roboto. (I will write a Wireframe blog specifically for Android later).

But if you don’t want to worry about typography, the Blokk font may come in handy. Text will be represented by irregular blocks. Make sure to set the perfect font size (32 px) and line-height or it will look strange.


Export to PDF in pages

PDF is an effective format to send to your client. They will love being able to view your wireframes on their phones or desktop, and since it’s all vector, it will look great. Sketch has a neat feature that lets you export all your slices to separate pages in a single PDF file. Since it’s all vector-based, the document will be very small and will look crisp on any resolution.


More Wireframe Resources For Sketch

There’s a great Wireframe UI Kit with a different approach by Anthony Aubertin.


You can find the flat version of the Minimal iPhone I shared on Dribbble.

Big thanks to Marcelo Marfill for his iOS UI Kit.

Final Thought

Wireframing should be quick, two hours at most. It’s a good practice for any designer to get comfortable with the guidelines and best practices of a platform. I was tempted to add a prototyping process section but I figured that I wanted to give quite a bit of details so I’ll write another blog instead with tips and techniques.

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  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks, I did not know about the linked styles feature and the Blokk font. BTW, I bet that the numbers of download will be the following: Dark Blue > Blueprint > Beige and *not* because your posted them in that order.

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    Nice option for wireframing iPhone app…How To Wireframe An iPhone App In Sketch via @zite

  6. David Omoyele says:

    Really love what you’re doing for sketch community, great work and in the future I will like to contribute too. I have one exception.

    I’m starting to form the opinion that if we have the option, we should not show the clients wireframes.

    “Design isn’t about how it looks but it works” but, and a big but, how it looks is also how it works. The implication is
    every design element affects the user experience. For a long time I was designing a lot of my apps with the color red, red is my favorite color and I also wanted to be different. But red is problematic, red is loud, you have turn down the decibel with texture i.e. Path. But even on Path the Navigation bar stands out more than it does on apps like tweetbot & Instagram. Color is so crucial to the experience and it sets the tone. We can use color in a superficial way or we can use it to design an experience that solves a problem. Production color must be addressed and utilized early in the user experience design & discussion.

    Still wireframes are great for getting ideas down fast, for dealing with constraint and working out initial mapping (spatial relationships )

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  9. Naomi says:

    Thanks for sharing! Really enjoying your posts about Sketch (as a recent convert per Laura Kalbag’s advice). Love the design of your site too – makes for a blissful read.

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    This is great, thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for that prototyping post. I love hearing how other designers work, always something new to learn.

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  48. Jikku Jose says:

    Never knew about the Linked Styles feature; I bumped into this exactly when I was about suggest a feature I was calling: “Smart Style” ;) .. It seems its already there! Anyways, thanks for all the effort that you are spending to help the Sketch community, your resources have helped me a lot.

    Keep up the good work!

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  64. Rob says:

    This is awesome, really enjoying Sketch lately. Has anyone seen a good WEB UI kit for Sketch? I’ve only been able to find kits for Mobile.

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  67. Spencer says:

    You’re really going above and beyond for us designers. Appreciate your stuff, man!

  68. Fred says:

    Hey Meng, thanks for the freebies.
    Do you know why when I open the files in Sketch they haven’t any Linked Style?

    That’s a shame because if they had been I could change the colors of the entire wireframe as you stated in the post!

    Thanks anyway!

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  70. Simon says:

    Why Sketch for Wire-framing? I had a quick go with it. You can’t double click a box to add text you have to add text as a separate object. Wireframes are not supposed to be perfect they describe functionality. Sketch to me doesn’t feel like a Wire-framing App. It feels like a light vector app. I like it and want to be persuaded… I find Omnigraffle clunky but it has some useful features like Masters. Thanks!

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  73. Rob says:

    Does anyone know of a good Web Wireframe kit for Sketch?

  74. Peter Kilsby says:


    Am I missing something? This article says that elements like buttons are already at the correct sizes (e.g. 44pt). But when I look in the wireframe document, everything is doubled (e.g. 88pt). This is fine if you’re talking about pixels, but iOS deals in points.

    Help appreciated.

  75. Jeremy Haile says:

    Meng – I’m a recent convert to Sketch (from Omnigraffle although I still use Omnigraffle for site flows and conceptual diagrams)

    I’d like to hear more about how you organize your pages. I’m trying to decide between multiple pages within Sketch vs multiple artboards where you can visualize flows on a single canvas.

    It seems like the former (multiple pages) is more how Sketch is designed to be used. Any advice?

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  92. DesignWayOut says:

    Great articles. now i can make better wireframe. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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  94. Nik says:


    First of all, thank you very much for such a great set of templates!

    When I open the templates in Sketch 3.0.3, most of the text items (like button labels) are far off of where they should be.

    Is there a quick fix for that?

    Thanks in advance!

    – Nik

  95. Gerry says:

    Is there a forum/community where Sketch users can post questions etc (like a stack exchange)?

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  99. Rob B says:

    I think the shared color pallet feature has been removed. I don’t see it anywhere in the inspector with the latest Sketch, and when I add a color to the pallet but then later change the color, that swatch item in the pallet remains the same. I use shared styles for certain objects (like buttons), but haven’t found anything as generic as a shared color pallet. Dang that would be handy!

  100. Creately says:

    Very beautiful wire-frames done right. I’ve seen creative users everywhere especially in tumblr with their sketch-ups

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  105. Zach says:

    Question. When setting up the document for an iOS App design, I used the iPhone 6 Portrait Template (750 x 1334). I set it up this way so I could use Mirror on my phone (6) and make sure everything looked perfect. When exporting the artwork, the developer noted they were too large. I’m assuming Sketch exported the icons assuming the 6 was 1x.

    How should I set up my artboards when I design an app?

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  107. Regine says:

    Thank you so much, this information and the links have been super helpful!

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  109. Shalin says:

    Does this work on Ubuntu, or is there a online version of the app that can be used through a browser? like

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  112. Kevin deLeon says:

    Hi, I’m new to Sketch and was just wondering if the typical workflow is something like:
    1) open template file (wireframe sketch file)
    2) open artboard in new file
    3) copy and paste elements from template file

    That seems a bit difficult/cumbersome…is there not a way to import all these objects into sketch and then use them like the rectangle tools?

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  115. Ron T says:

    If you design your app in powerpoint, how can you transfer that to Sketch?

  116. Excellent posts. today i’m able to make smarter wire frame. Thank you for giving this excellent posting.

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  119. Maddy says:

    Thanks for the great resource.

    Just a note to let you know that when I download these templates, there are no shared styles in colour or fonts. I’m using v3.5.2 and am disappointed that the template doesn’t work as you describe in the article. Also having incorrect fonts loading and going all over the shop, which I’m guessing is my machine loading a different version of Helvetica Neue?

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